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Originally formed in 2003 in Australia, Cycclone Magnetic Engines was Incorporated in 2005 in the Great State of Nevada, USA, as part of the divestment and separation from Roadships Logistics Limited pari-passu to shareholders of record on December 16, 2004. 

In 2009, Cycclone Magnetic Engines, Inc. was the subject of Queensland Supreme Court orders as a result of an investigation by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission into Roadships Logistics Limited and Cycclone Magnetic Engines, Inc.  

Cycclone Magnetic Engines, Inc. has engaged legal counsel in the USA and Australia to deal with those standing orders and the manner in which those orders were achieved. 

There is a long standing feud between the Brisbane office of the Australian Securities and Investment Commission and Roadships / Cycclone Magnetic Engines founder, Micheal Nugent, details of which are posted at 

    Cycclone Magnetic Engines is the concept of utilizing permanent magnets in a geometrical configuration that engages in velocity pole cloning, hence; Cyc --cyclonic motion and clone--cloning of magnetic poles,

Cycclone Magnetic Engines™ 

Cycclone Magnetic Engines 

Green New Deal

Barrister Keim-- "That is not purporting to draw on any form of nuclear fission or fusion and it's not purporting to draw upon any transformation of radio waves into mechanical energy to power cars of the future?....

Expert witness, Potts---"It's not --It's not purporting to do it, because they're scientific concepts, but the possibility of it working on the concepts i have described, the cats whisker radio concept, is not dissimilar to Nikola Telsla's tests where he transmitted high levels of electricity without conductors and again his - his reports are in the same category as the Searl engine reports. I mean, we have to remember that Tesla was the man that created a rotating magnetic field out of alternating current." Edison said "you will never, ever, ever be able to use alternating current because what the Lord giveth, the Lord taketh away. You have got a positive and a negative, you can't get net power out of alternating current". --- "Tesla designed the induction motor and instantly transformed electrical power"

Barrister Keim--"by using a switch?----

Expert witness, Potts-- "Well, no. No he doesn't.  he transformed -- he transforms it by having the rotor chasing the alternating magnetic field so that ones always trying to catch up with the other."  

Cycclone Magnetic Engines Green New Deal™ is:  

Shrug off what has been done to us, get back to work and seek a green light forward. 

Justice Bynne; "how are you planning on paying for this litigation"

Australian Securities and Investment Commission; "we are going to sell the Cycclone engine" 

Justice Bynne; "is the buyer in the room".  

Legal Understanding

To understand the legal history of Cycclone Magnetic Engines, one needs to review and read the various historical documents.  It is an inescapable fact that the Australian Securities and Investment Commission partnered with criminal activity and belligerently filed a flawed case against Cycclone Magnetic Engines, Inc. to hide their criminal acts.  Added to this is the actions and behavior of the legal professionals engaged and task by the state at the time. 

"This is not a "scopes case" , I will not be passing judgement on the validity of the engine" Justice Martin, stated from the bench on the first day of trial.  

Firstly, it was a "criminal case" which required the ASIC to prove their case. Then it miraculously migrated into a "civil case" during deliberations and the onus was passed to Cycclone Magnetic Engines to defend the claims post trial. All the while the matter was overseen and steered by Justice Muir, who then sat on the appellate bench knowing he needed to recuse himself. 

It is important to note that the appeal application was solely based on the accounting treatment in the trial and with Justice Muir heading the appeal bench, it turned into a perpetual motion machine fiasco.  

Never the less, to place any concept into a business and in particular, into public companies, one must meet trade practice and regulatory laws. To meet these conditions, Cycclone Magnetic Engines produced 4 vetted and accepted prospectuses filed with the ASIC. 

"if anybody could do it, this would be the guy" Justice Muir on the appellatte bench handing down appeal finding.     

Scientific Understanding

When Cycclone Magnetic Engines founder, Micheal Nugent began working on permanent magnetic engines, he knew from the outset that the proposition being put forward was not accepted by the scientific and physics professions and experts were engaged to clearly state this fact. 

The legal and scientific right to work in permanent magnetic engines is derived from qualified and accepted work from the past 50 years.  Early work such as the Hubbard Matrix and the Searl Effect Generator carried some weight while lacking acceptance. 

The real game changer came from Scientist Mr. Howard Johnson who is credited with over 30 substantial patents. 

The US Patent Office (rightfully) has strict policies on Patent acceptance and when Mr Howard Johnson filed a third patent based on "permanent magnet motor", the matter found it's way to court.  After some 9 years of good legal argument, US Patent No: 4,151,431 was issued. 

This is the most significant legal base for work in the field of permanent magnetic motors/engines to legally take place. 

"Physics is a measurement science and physicists are especially determined to protect the "law" of Conservation of Energy. Thus, the physicists become game wardens who tell us what laws' we can violate. " Mr Howard Johnson, Science & Mechanics Magazine 1980. 

On February 23, 2010 USA Patent US 7,667,356 B2 was published as accepted (Magnetic Pistons Engine). This is another legal point of acceptance.    

Government Understanding 

Governments around the world jump on and off the environmental train as it suits them. Politics demands this approach and believers and non-believers of the changing climate understand the basis of those political moves and policies. 

Researchers and Developers of new products and scientific discoveries should be bipartisan to best add value to governments, politicians and active environmental climate practitioners. 

For industrialists, it could be placed into 2 categories.

Those that are specifically researching and developing environmental solution products and;

those that are engaged in researching and developing products which organically have a positive environmental impact. 

They are both extremely important ventures and projects. 

Market Understanding

Cycclone Magnetic Engines sees itself as a "permanent magnet engine development company" and as such is focussed on "engine development" without a particular end focus. That is to say, develop an engine in various ranges and the end use customer will request the engine they need for their product. 

The focus is not on automotive cars or similar items, it is just an easier market for general understanding. 

Further, given the non-acceptance of the objective of Cycclone Magnetic Engines, it is imperative that the company stays true to that objective and not get lost or drawn to by-products. 

"if the inventors extend their attention to the storage and recovered energy and it's reuse on demand, it is this author's opinion that patents and products will flow in abundance from their ingenuity." W. D. R. Potts, MIEAust, CPEng, 2003.       

Developing a new engine from a clean sheet of paper "twice" 

The Cycclone Magnetic Engine, which is a Turbine style geometric configuration, is the engine which is subject to standing court orders. The future of the Cycclone Magnetic Turbine engine is unclear until the court orders are placed before the courts. 

To continue research and development in permanent magnet engines and not breach the standing orders, Founder Micheal Nugent turned his attention to alternative configurations that engage accepted science and the Y engine configuration was born.  Micheal Nugent, who is qualified, identified the possibility of utilizing opposing pistons and then effectively inverted the Nordic Delta configuration.        

Geometric Configuration

The cornerstone of new engine development is the geometric configuration. While the original Cycclone Magnetic Engine is based on a turbine configuration, the newly developed Y engine configuration (AmerYcan Engine™) creates a new generation of engine configuration that can be powered by traditional fossil fuels despite being specifically invented to be used as an engine powered by permanent magnets under accepted science.  Cycclone Magnetic Engines, Inc. does not own the Y engine configuration. 

The 1896 Oxford Dictionary defines the term 'engine' as 'an agent, a tool, a means acting for another'. The term also connotes 'ingenuity and inventiveness' and is separated from the term 'motor'. 

An engine is 'a machine of complicated parts that acts automatically both as to power and operation. It is distinct from a machine, the motor of which is distinct from the operator; and from a tool which is propelled and operated by a person'. 

Thus a person operates an engine, but does not control it as a tool. 

A motor is 'a moving or motive power', independent of the operators involvement. 

*Independent Experts Report 2003  

Component Development

While geometric configuration is the cornerstone, component invention and development is an organic staple of new engine development works. 

If one looks to reciprocating engines available one can see a multitude of components required for the engine to work. 

Everything from spark plugs, water pumps, starter motors, alternators, turbo chargers and other items are mostly specific to a particular engine.       

Cycclone Magnetic Engines has been developing needed items such as 'the controlled pole plate' and 'modulated staggered crank shaft' among many needed items. 

As more research and development work moves forward there should be a raft of items placed into individual development programs.        

Manufacturing and Materials

Since the inception and formation of Cycclone Magnetic Engines, manufacturing materials and processes have forged forward with substantial advances. 

Equipment advances from 2 point CNC through to 7 and even 9 point CNC machines have increased capabilities along with many new machines, however, no longer is industry anchored to "casting" or "CNC machining". 

Now, industrialists can access incredible advancements in manufacturing and production process equipment. 

3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing are 2 newly developed processes that are changing the field of research and development. These modern methods have yielded vast improvements in resolution, precision and end product usability. 

Materials have kept pace with new developments as well, with silicon nitrate, liquid stainless and other newly developed exotic materials now available in useable forms. 

It is definitely an exciting time to be in research and development industries.  

Moon Shot Developments

Over the past ten year period, technology companies have coined the phrase "moon shot developments" which is reflective of the task faced by NASA in the 1960's to place a man on the moon.

Imagine the engineers proposing non-positive and positive displacement components as the driving source for the Saturn V Apollo engine program, one can imagine the push back of acceptance and tenacity required to bring that development home.     

Cycclone Magnetic Engines has many possible "moon shot development" areas.

One possible moon shot development could arise in the field of Cryogenics which has advanced substantially. 

Expert practitioners in the Cryogenic fields have developed small and portable cryogenic plants and equipment which opens vast possibilities.        



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